My first Blog

It feels a little strange putting my thoughts down like this. I have always been a bit reserved and have always believed that you should let others talk about you and your achievements. so would never have thought to write a blog. As a teacher, I was always the one to sit at the back in meetings or training days dreading being asked to do anything other than listen. Maybe that might be a future blog in itself! But then again I never thought I would write a novel or move to China so I guess if you aren’t moving forward then you are standing still!

Obviously this whole web page is to promote my debut novel Eye on the Ball and I am hoping that I might connect with a few of you who might in turn give the book a chance. I will write about what I know, so you will mainly read about football, teaching and my journey as an author. The author part is the bit I know the least about, but I am learning everyday. The book has only just been released although I must have read it 50 times over the past couple of years as I edited it, rewrote it and tried to improve it. So please forgive me if I make the odd error in my blog as I don’t want this to feel like work too.

Right now I am at the very nervous stage where I have written it, it is out there available in the world and I am sure there are some people who are actually reading it. The nervous bit? Reviews… I know that they can be valuable and that the negative ones could be the most valuable. The thing is I have put a lot into this book and know I wouldn’t like people not enjoying it or criticising it. I have never dealt well with criticism. Playing football I always played better in teams where I felt they rated me. I was always a confidence player and overthinking things always led to a loss of form. Something that I have always tried to remember when coaching, teaching or managing. A positive interaction is worth twenty negative.

This blog is just a brief introduction to me and why I am doing this, hopefully you are interested and will enjoy them in the future. If you want to receive the blogs by post then please click the link when you first enter the blog section and it can save you a bit of time finding it.

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