My very first Vlog!

My new book comes out on Monday (24th January) here is my first go at making a vlog. In the vlog, I try to explain why I wrote it and what it is all about. https://www.pitchpublishing.co.uk/shop/losing-my-spurs
Out January 24th
Stuck for present ideas?

OUT NOW – The sequel to Eye on the Ball

Introducing my book and my journey for China Daily.
Photo session with The Local paper

Very enjoyable book signing at Chinese International School. Thank you to all those who turned up.

Great news! Eye on the Ball is at number 1 and 3 in the Amazon Young Adult fiction about football charts.

Eye on the Ball- Now out on Kindle.

Recording my interview for the Gazza documentary next year. When the documentary comes out, I will be adding some exclusive diaries from my year with Gazza. Only available to mailing list subscribers.

The Kindle version of Eye on the Ball is close to release. I will post a press release and a link once it is up and running.


Very excited for the book signing at a British International school in China. Been a great reaction so far to the book. I will add video and pictures once I get them.

The sequel to Star on the Rise


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